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General Dental Services

At the Dentist
At Oxy Dental, we believe it's crucial that people of all ages have access to high-quality dental care services when they need it. We have compassionate certified general dentists whose main purpose is to help you and your family understand your dentistry costs and how to access your maximum insurance benefits. A healthier smile and lifestyle starts at Oxy Dental
Our compassionate general dentists have dedicated teams of dental hygienists, dental assistants, and dental professional staff that work together to educate you on maintaining proper oral health. Maintain healthy teeth and gums is crucial as improper oral health can have a direct impact on your overall health. 

Below are some of the General Dental Services that we offer at Oxy Dental:
Yearly Checkup
General Checkups
Teeth & Gum X-rays
Dental Cleaning
Teeth Cleaning
Dental Checkup
Oral Health Checkup
Image by Brian J. Tromp
Dental Bridges
Dental Work
Root Canals
Dentist at Work 2
Tooth Extractions
Dentist Appointment
Fillings: New or Repair
Image by Caroline LM
Emergency Dental Care
Image by Caroline LM
Periodontal Care
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